Record Expungement / Expunction

Harris County Expunction Lawyer

Houston Criminal Lawyer James (Jim) Sullivan frequently helps people to get their criminal records expunged by filing Petitions for Expunction. This is extremely important, especially in these tough economic times. It is not a surprise that employers are more likely to hire a job applicant who has never been arrested than someone who has been arrested even when their criminal case was dismissed by the government or their felony case was dismissed (no billed) by the Grand Jury. Perception can be everything in this process. Not having to list an arrest on a job application or to try to explain it away definitely can give that applicant a better chance at being hired.

Houston Criminal Attorney James Sullivan cares about people. He wants everyone to have an opportunity to get ahead and to be able to provide for their family. An arrest without a conviction has negative consequences on a person's opportunity in life. A check in the "Have you ever been arrested?" box gives an employer a easy way to narrow down a stack of job applications.

If you were arrested and your criminal case was dismissed, call James Sullivan about getting your criminal record expunged. Depending on the circumstances and the reason why your case was dismissed, you may have to wait until the statute of limitations has expired on the case. If the grand jury no billed your case, however, you have the immediate right to get your case expunged. Once your case is expunged, neither the public nor law enforcement has access to your record.

In Harris County, a Petition for Expunction is filed in the civil district courts. The government charges charges approximately $260 in filing fees and service fees. These fees are in addition to the legal fees. The petition must be done correctly, or the petitioner may have to pay the filing fee a second time, therefore it is important to hire a lawyer who has experience in getting criminal records expunged properly.  It can be a time consuming process. All of the information must be correct and all of the legal agencies which have the records must be included in the lawsuit. Attorney Jim Sullivan has worked to get criminal records expunged for many of his clients. 

James Sullivan is also successful in getting felony cases no billed by the grand jury, having had more than 50 such cases no billed in just the past 3 years. James Sullivan has served the Greater Houston area since 1994.

You can call James Sullivan right now at 281-546-6428 to discuss your situation.